Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brendies Christmas Gift Part 2



As I was putting away Christmas decor last week I was reminded that I wanted to publish another post on Brendies present from our gift exchange.

I was so excited when I opened the mail box
and saw a package all the way from New Zealand.
Woo Hoo!!!
It was like opening a mini treasure chest.
In addition to the adorable tree ornaments, she had included a really cool necklace, (which my grandson Nathan immediately snagged) a souvenir Kiwi ink pen (hanging on my fridge for making the market list) but most impressive were these really awesome dinner napkins with matching rings.
(Rings made out of PVC pipe covered in fabric, how inventive is that?.)
The fabric is oh so pretty and festive but the most impressive part is that she took the time to hand stitch all the hems on the napkins! That she would take the time to hand craft the ornaments, hand stitch the napkins, for someone she doesn't even know is truly amazing to me.

The reason I bring this up is, now, my dining table is blah, no more awesome table adornment!
So... thanks to Brendie,
I was motivated to get off my butt computer and sew.
Thanks’ Brendie, your lovely gifts were what I needed to
spur me to get back to my crafts.
Some new place mats and napkins are in order I think.
Till next time,


sawn61 said...

Now,Terry,I'll tell you the story of my Kiwi pen necklace from Brendie. I kept the box out to show off my gifts from New Zealand,to every one who might drop by during the holidays, and when I began showing all my goodies to folks, I noticed the pen was missing.My grandson,John, had asked me for a pencil,earlier in the day, and I let him use the Kiwi pen, and went on about my business. Later, when I wanted to show my gifts,the pen was missing. I asked John about it. He says,"Meemaw,you're gonna be mad."I said"Mad?Why?"John says"Because I broke the pen."I persuaded him to let me see it, and he proceeded to go behind the sofa,where he had hidden it, and retrieved the pen.Turns out,it wasn't broke, it just needed scribbling with a little to get the ink to flowing.I had never known him to do such a thing before, but I guess he thought he would be in real trouble, but no harm was done,thus a happy ending to my story.

brendie said...

lol, your grandson necklace is a greenstone (jade)fish hook, maori design. sold here to the tourists the jade now mostly comes from british columbia because of our strict mining laws. i bought it for $2 online but when it arrived it was alot smaller than i wanted (so you got it instead of glens daughter) it is very suitable for your grandson

Hei Matau (Fish Hook)
The Maori symbols or meaning for Hei-Matau more commonly known as the fish hook symbolizes prosperity.
Maori use fish in many of their traditional food dishes. Fish were so plentiful to the Maori that the simple ownership of a fish hook meant prosperity. The Hei-Matau (fish hook) also represents strength, determination and good health, as well as providing safe journey over water

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey Sue, I guess he thought that since you were so proud of everything breaking the pen was pretty serious....poor kid, he was probably fretting over it all day. Sounds like you handled the situation pretty well.
You seem like such a sweet Grandma.

Hi Brendie, cool story on the necklace. Sounds like a talisman. Maybe it'll help Nate with his fishing. I'll tell him the story.
I have a Milagro of a hand that I purchased at a bead shop in New Mexico. I do so much work with my hands that it seemed appropiate. Also carry a crystal in my pocket on a daily basis.
Odd the things we do as people to bring us luck, protection......
Hope you have a great day