Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow In Dallas Texas...... Again!!!


REALLY.... More Snow!

I received a phone call this morning from Sue, (life is a journey).
She was just checking on me, worried about the snow we were getting.
I was still under the snuggly quilts when the phone rang so
I was a little disoriented when I answered the phone.
I couldn't see outside to know if there was snow or not!
My husband Steve put sheets of foam in all the windows
to keep the house warm,
good for keeping out drafts, not so good for seeing outside.
We chatted for a few minutes, I was assuring her we were ok,
still had power
and wasn't sure if we had snow or not.

Today is her birthday so Pops and a few family members were
 whisking her away for a day of fun
before their next wave of this awful weather hit.
We said our good byes way too soon, I had a million questions for her.

You blog about your life, your doings, your thoughts and
you put it out there for anyone to read.
 You hope people read and respond.
You in turn, read and respond to their blog.
You feel that these other bloggers are your friends.
I consider all my blog buddies friends and
I care about what's going on in their lives.
If you're in a blizzard, cyclone, heat wave,
having a bad day, whatever, I'm worried for you.

Sue was worried for me, is that awesome or what!!!?

And in case you're wondering,
opened the door enough to let the dogs out,
about 6" of snow, no power outage and spent the day cooking, canning,
and playing board games with my grandson Nathan.

This is for Teresa,
Welcome Teresa, I hope you enjoy what you read here
and I hope we can become blog buddies.
We all need as many buddies as we can get.

Till next time,
stay warm or cool depending on where you are.



sawn61 said...

Mom and I spent the morning with one of my sisters.We all had birthdays this past few days.Then Pop and our immediate family went out for an evening meal at a new local retaurant. The kids and Pop brought along a beautiful birthday cake to top off the meal. The family all pitched in and got me a little better camera than the one I had been using.I've enjoyed a really great Birthday.So glad we got to visit on the phone. We must do that again.

brendie said...

brrrrr snow ;)
Im sweltering, sitting around little as visitors will allow.

Nancy said...

How nice to receive a phone call from Sue. She's such a nice lady.

I saw a satellite photo of the U.S. the other day and about 90% was covered with the past snow storm. It was a biggie!

Hope you are having a great weekend, Terry. :)

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Sue- I'm glad your birthday was a success, looking for some great photos from the new camera.

I know what you mean Brendie, when the temps get to triple digits here it's swim top, cut offs and flip-flops for me!!! Go for a swim! I'll imagine I'm there with you, if you don't mind.

This weather is freakish Nancy, Brendie getting a cyclone, so much snow here, geez. And yeah the phone call was awesome!!!
I puzzled for a few on how Sue got my number... oh yeah, it's on my soap website, duh.
Sue's a clever woman!