Monday, February 28, 2011

The Post Lady Always Rings Twice

The post lady never rings twice because she knows
I work, and I don't have a doorbell.
And if it's been raining, she doesn't come down my driveway,
she just throws my packages toward the sign.
I have a sign at the soon to be gate, that says, Blue Sky.
(Yeah, we named our property.)
Anyway, this package was small enough to fit into the mail box,
so ringing wasn't necessary.

A package for me, I ask my husband?
I'm not expecting a package, I say!
From Kentuckey he says.
Hand it over, I say.

Has to be Sue!
Oh yeah, a package of goodies.
Sue is very talented when it comes to needlework,
she has much more paitence than I do.

Crochet doilies, hot pads, pot holder, check keeper, pot scrubby, fridge magnet,
and bookmark, at least that's what I'm going to use them for.
Thanks Sue, I wish my photos did them justice!!!!

Well it's 11:00 and I need to go to bed.
I have to get up early and return to the surreal world, AKA work!

Oh yeah, there's a guy at work who told me,
"I'm not preparing for the apocalypse,when the world falls apart,
 I'm going out to your house to get all your food,
and if you don't give it to me,
 I'll kill you, then eat you"!!!!


I was dumbfounded, didn't know what to say.
How scary is that?

How would you have reacted?
More on that next time.
Till then,


brendie said...

that is scary, id say "not if i get yah first, youd feed us for a few days" followed by a wicked smile and chuckle.
I got a parcel from sue too, im making use of the purse for keeping my sunglasses in, are using the crochet dishcloth the pot coasters are gonna go in our caravan as we have no hot surface area in there, all useful items, like you i admire the patience. Im plotting my revenge on sue he he he probably in the form of an apron

sawn61 said...

Thanks ladies, for all the kind words.I enjoy both of your friendships so much. I love sharing my "stuff".I am forever making things,usually something useable,in some way,but you only need so much "stuff",so it gives me pleasure to share it with my friends.I have just finished another baby quilt,and I will be giving it to a young girl we have befriended,who has had a bit of hard luck here lately.The kind that passes in 9 months.She needs a friend NOW.We think she has lost her job on account of her condition(sad)and it breaks our heart,and right when she needed a little extra love and support.We have all made mistakes.Punishing her for hers,in this way,is a sin in itself.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Good answer Brendie, I've never been good at snappy retorts. I'm usually just too shocked at the offending commet. And believe me he's said plenty of offending comments!!!

Sue, I value yours and Brendies friendships too.
It's wonderful that we have the net to communicate. But we may not always have that option as Brendie suggested in one of her posts. Perhaps I should buy the car adaptor for my lap top.
As to the young lady you speak of, I'm sure she values your support and will remember it for her whole life.

Work calls, later

kim andersen said...

Wow! That is a scary thing your co-worker said. Chances are he would never do that, but I have seen enough apocalyptic genre movies to know that there are a lot of people who will prey on those who were better prepared.

As for how I would answer..."If I have been diligent to make all these preparations, don't you think I have already thought of what you might do? If you come to my house, wear a suit of armor - you'll need it to get past the field of angelic protection and my 30 ought 6"...hehehehe

Tricha said...

Hi Terry,
I don't think your snarky friend will survive the apocolypse. He will be one of the crazies running in the streets and get taken out by a meteor. If by some miracle he survives, he will not have the initiative or sense to find your house since he did not have the initiative to prepare. And if he some how finds the initiative, your booby traps will surely stop him cold. Now don't you feel safer knowing that this silly minion can't harm you :)

Have a wonderful day.