Thursday, February 17, 2011

Illumination, Vintage Floor Lamp Completed



I admit it, I have a thing for lamps, any kind of lamp,
although I am partial to floor lamps.
I don't know if it's from a lack of light in my childhood home, growing up in a northern latitude or for a fondness of illumination. The light created by the lamp illuminates the eye, the art illumates the mind.




Restoring a vintage lamp is not an easy task. 
This lamp had a (non working) porcelain socket with a 1/4" thread,
today's lamp sockets have a 1/8" thread.
The choices are either to replace the all-thread type
central unit or find a reducer.
Reducer it is, Home Depot here we come! Also need a plug.
Been here, done this!

The socket I had on hand is a push back and forth, I needed a turn type.
Wait, I do have another lamp with a turn type socket, let's switch out.
The lamp in the parts bin gave up her socket after
I promised to restore her next.
The glass "globe" was purchased at Canton First Monday Trade Days.
The total cost of the entire project?
Lamp: $5.00
Socket: $2.00
Reducer $2.00
Globe: $5.00
Cord: $Free
Plug $2.00
Paint: $5.00 (with leftovers for another project)
The Shade $10.00 (purchased at Wally World about 10 years ago)
Labor ?
Total $31.00?

The three questions are,
Was it worth it money wise, 
with or without the shade
the most important is,
does it qualify as a piece of art?
You be the judge.

Till next time,


Tami / Maddie Lumpkin said...

No shade and all red! Cool lamp! I'm impressed how you put that all together,but you lost me at reducer.

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

I think it looks fantastic, Terry. And it doesn't really matter that it cost $31.00. You did it yourself and that's priceless in my book. :)

sawn61 said...

I like the one with the shade best. I haven't took to collecting old lamps YET,although I do have a few stashed away in my shed.I probably picked them up because they were interesting and CHEAP.I do have a few that caught my eye with the color.Usually whatever color stage I was going through at the moment. I love small lamps best.You should see Pop's latest lamp. He wanted it one year for Christmas. Most folks say it looks like something out of a brothel.I'll sneak in a shot of it someday.

kim andersen said...

Definitely the shade...without it looks TOO modern. I like the two tone, but probably would've gone for black or wrought for the center piece. Can't really see the intricacies of the shade, but am assuming it's mustard with appliques..are you picking up the colors of the stand with the shade? I think it's a perfect piece for an eclectic kitchen or bedroom. I lOVE it and you're awesome...and YES, it was worth the price...cannot touch a lamp like that for less!

Canyon Girl said...

Yes, it does. I really like it and admire your skills.--Inger

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Tami - The reducer is to make the 1/4" threaded base unit fit the 1/8" threaded modern socket. One end of the reducer is threaded for 1/4" the other end is threaded for 1/8". Hope that makes sense!

Nancy - It really is an awesome lamp, stands about 5'11" tall. In this house I need all the illumination I can get, remember there are no interior walls which means, no light in the center of the house. We have plans to remedy that situation. Think columns!

OK Sue, now you have me intrigued, do post on Pops lamp.
I like it with the shade also.
You might think of those lamps in your shed in the perspective of candle holders, or bases for candy, soap dishes......and depending on the size, as small table bases.

Hi Kim - Thanks, I originally painted this lamp black with the central pole unit cream-ish. The shade is cream-ish also with a lighter cream floral pattern. This lamp has sat out on my deck for about 5 years, Patiently waiting, poor baby!
I guess I was in a depressed mood when we moved here. Everything was black and white-ish.
I'm feeling more like myself now so the colors are coming back. I guess the colors really never left me though because when I look around at my accessories a lot of red and green is evident.

Thanks, Inger. I too, think it's a piece of art. When I saw the shade at Wally World it reminded me of something from the 20's or 30's. I have about 4 of the same shade.

Jess said...

You won the camera! Please e-mail your address, so I can send it. Congrats! Jess