Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Vintage House And The Post Lady Always Rings Twice

This is the top of the dresser in my bathroom.
Living inside the dresseer are my towels, sheets, bath products etc.
(The bathrooms didn't come equipped with storage units/shelves so I had to improvise)
What lives on top of the dresser  (from left to right) is,

M, my no face money doll,
Notice the money bowl at her feet?
I offer up money to her in hopes that she will see fit to bless me with more.

Jamaica, my cruise doll,
She used to live in a very weird tourist trap in Jamaica.
I rescued her.

 Voodoo Girl,
A doll making experiment gone awry.
I still love her though.

Viney is very happy, she has friends that love her and,
she's grateful that she has a face!

Cradling all my Girls is,

As you can see... SPIKE is,  

With SPIKE on guard, anyone entering my bathroom
would think twice before
they even thought about
pilfering M's money!!!
Heck, she even scares me!
Here we have Peppy and Salty.
Two very cute vintage, salt and pepper shakers.
They live in this very stylish coffee shop perched above my stove.

Their job is to monitor the baking activities of the resident "Chef".
They don't always approve of the goings on below them,
But most of the time they're approving.
Notice how the both of them are rolling their eyes at me?

These are just a few of  the things that live at my house.
What weird/odd things live at your house?

Tomorrow we'll explore the mysterious,
Post Lady....

Till next time,


sawn61 said...

...and I see you got my package. Hope you like and can use the items.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Oh yes Sue, I sure did, got your suprise package wednesdsy. My husband got the mail and said "you have a package", and then wouldn't hand it over till he checked out where it was from. "It's from your friend in KY" he says. Geez, just give it to me I'm thinking.
I sent you an e-mail thanking you. Your lovely gifts are my next blog topic.
You are so very kind to have taken the time and effort on these treasures.
Thanks is an understatement!

Lynda said...

I'm really enjoying your are very talented.

I've given you an award...I'm new to all of this so bear with me:

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Thanks Lynda, I'm new to this too!!!
On my way to your blog.