Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mini, Christmas Stocking Gift Bags And Tutorial

We had a great day at the festival on Saturday which means I've been busy
making more products for our show this weekend.
I sold a few aprons, lots of soap and related bath products
and all but four of my cuff bracelets.
Needless to say, I'm a happy camper.
I put a lot of time and effort into the things I create so it
feels wonderful when a customer likes my handmade items.

Yesterday, in between canning and cooking
I found time to do some sewing.

These are little Christmas stockings that I market
as gift bags, big enough to accommodate a soap bar or two,
bath oil, body butter ETC.
They're a unique alternative to the standard gift bag.

I free-handed the pattern, pinned it to my fabric,
cut it out and got to work.
I do these in an assembly line fashion, grouping
like colors together to minimize thread change outs.
If you would like to make some of these for gift giving
here are the directions.

2 - 9 ¾” length x 8 ½” width pieces of fabric
2 - 6” wide x 5” long contrast for cuff
1 - 11” x 1” grosgrain ribbon for handle

My finished stocking measures more or less, 8 ¾” long x 7 ½” wide at the bottom and 5 ¼” wide at the top.
I drew the pattern freehand so yours might vary.
All seams are ¼”

Draw your patterns, one for the stocking, one for the cuff. Pin pattern to fabric and cut.
The top width of my stocking is 6” so I cut my cuff 6” wide x 5” long.


1. With right sides together, pin and sew each cuff to top edge of stocking front and  back.

2. Press seam towards cuff.

Attach cuff to stocking.
(If you’re going to embellish the stocking with ribbon, buttons ETC, do it now).

Sew on ribbons, buttons, beads ETC.
3. Press under ¼” on the cuff top edge. (It’s easier to create your hem line at this point).

4.Open out the pressed hem line and with right sides together, pin and stitch stocking front and cuff to stocking back and cuff  (I zigzagged the seam also).

5. Clip seams almost to stitching line at curves.

6. Fold cuff in half towards the seam where you joined it to the stocking body

Attach handle.
7. Position your ribbon in the center of the cuff sandwich, with the raw edge
overlapping the seam about ½ ”.

8. Pin in place.

9. Fold the stocking toe towards the top, out of the way, bring the other ribbon end down and over the bottom and up to meet the other end of the stocking cuff sandwich .

10. Pin in place like you did with the other end of the ribbon.

11. Pin the rest of the pressed cuff edge over the seam.

12. Turn the stocking right side out and stitch the hem in place. (It was easier to sew this way).
At this point it looks like you attached the ribbon upside down, you didn’t.

13. Turn stocking right side out and fold the cuff down which makes the handle on top.

14. Press.

Handle at the top.

More stockings

As to the canning.....

My Hubby does not like me to blog about our food!
My grandson Brian came over to help/learn to pressure can food.

He learned the basics of canning meat and stock/ broth
and helped/ learned how to make a chicken pot pie from scratch.
I sent him home with the pie and a few other goodies.
(I forgot to photo the pie).

Don't tell the Hubby!
I'm off to do more sewing,
till next time, teach the kids some skills.


Sue from Ky. said...

Now whose being creative?????

So glad you had a good day at the festival.You deserve it after putting in so much work into your many projects.

heather said...

I'm so glad my handsome boy is learning some real life skills along with spending time with you. Love & miss you

Rachel said...

That is so sweet you got to teach your grandson about canning and spend some time together! Your stockings turned out really cute too!

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

I really do enjoy sewing and canning, I'm glad Brian is interested also.
My philosophy is, you can never have too many skills!

Stacey said...

Those stockings are gorgeous! And it makes me very happy to see your grandson coming over to learn some of your skills. I wish I had more opportunity to learn some of these things from my relatives!