Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Woman's Best Friend And Protector!

Found Fluffy
I admit it, I’m not really into pets.
I think it dates back to my childhood.
I’ve had several pets in my lifetime, dogs, cats. birds, rabbits …
Pet equals, eventual death of pet.
Why put yourself in the mix, risk heartache?

At present we have three dogs, all rescue of some sort or another.
Fluffy is the latest in the mix, wandered up on New Years Eve of last year.
Cutest little Australian Sheppard ever,
who would leave this pup to fend for herself ?

Abandoned dog!
Now, Fluffy is laying in the floor wondering,
“why do I feel like crap, why was I left at an unknown place
all day without my buddies, why can’t I have food or water“?

Because Fluffy….
We had to get you “fixed”.
I’m sorry!

I realize these dogs would lay down their lives for me.
They position themselves in a triangle around me, wherever I am,
covering any angle just in case…..
And poor little Fluffy, in her less than perfect condition,
is in the mix, protecting me.

How cool is that?

My newest best friend at my feet!
Till next time, realize!


Sue from Ky. said...

Your little dog reminds me a lot of our Sarah that we lost last year. Sarah had a short tail and her fur was black and silky with a bit of curl in it. She had some brown markings here and there,mostly around her face and ears.We were never real sure of her breed,but she had the best personality.A really good fit in a dog that matches you and your lifestyle,is hard to find.Fluffy sounds like a great companion.

Stacey said...

Fluffy is gorgeous. As much as it hurts when a beloved family pet dies, I wouldn't trade my time with them for the world. :)