Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cutwork Curtain Panel Up-cycle/Re-cycle Apron

Wanna-be apron


I found this cutwork curtain panel, plus it's two side mates
 at my local thrifty shop for .75 each.
I just had to have them even though I didn't need them!
I take that back, I did need them!
I sold the shawl that was the curtain for my bathroom window.
I just didn't need all three of them.

I used the two side panels on the bathroom window
and decided to make an apron from the center panel.

This is how it started out.
First I took out the hem/rod pocket stitching at the top.

Then, I thought to self....

A white apron just seems wrong.
So I got out my dyes.
Finally decided on red, but I wanted a vintage feel to it.
Maybe only use a small amount of the dye to a large amount of water?
I was hoping for a kind of washed red.
Well, it worked, I used about a third of the dye to a large dishpan of water.
 it took a lot of rinsing to finally get the water to run clear.
(Big water waster).

I cut off the excess fabric on either side of the panel,
(saving the excess for who knows what)
and searched my fabric stash for a suitable pocket material.
I found a small piece left over from the skirt/purse refashion
that added to the vintage vibe I was going for.

I added a piece of off white lace,
light pink ribbon and little fabric roses,
horizontally across the apron front and the pocket.
The lace and ribbon across the apron front concealed
the hem/rod pocket stitching lines.

I decided to line it with an off white piece of lace
that I attached to the sides and the top,
using french seams. I left the bottom  un-sewn.

I folded the lining at the top of the apron,
 to the front side 1 ½”,
 and sewed it down, creating a waistband.

The ties are a 1 ½” off white, grosgrain ribbon
that I attached to each side of the waist.

Wish I had someone to take my pic wearing it!

I found a pillowcase to grocery tote tutorial that I plan on trying tomorrow.
I'll let you know how it turns out.

Till next time,
happy sewing!

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Lynda said...

You have a wonderful talent! When I see a a curtain...I SEE a curtain! You are amazing! Find someone to take a picture of you in that apron!!