Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Skirt To Purse To Skit Refashion


The skirt!

Another thrift store score!
At only $2.00 I really couldn't pass this up, never mind that it
was a size 4, and well....
I'm not.
 I figured I could do something with the fabric.

It had all these pleats at the waist, so, I just popped one out.
I wore it this way a few times till inspiration hit.


I took out all the pleats and was rewarded with a giant piece
of fabric-ness for my crafting pleasure.

  The excess fabric on one side was cut away, and I shaped what was left into an a-line.
On the one side I had the zipper, and the length was perfect, so all I had to do was
 sew up a seam and....

Vola cute skirt.

Wait, I'm not done!

What did I make with the excess fabric-ness you ask?

Why, a bag of course!

The green stripe band at the top used to be curtains
and the lace I've had for awhile.
I wanted a lace pocket but the lace wasn't wide/long enough.


I cut two pieces of lace, laid one atop the other and staggered them
to get the length I wanted and sewed a pink ribbon
across to hold the two pieces together.
Next I pressed under ¼”
on either side of the pocket's raw edge
and then sewed it to the bag.

I gave the bag gussets on the bottom to provide some width/depth,
but didn't line it.
Maybe I should rethink and add a lining?

What do you think?


The photos were taken in two different parts of my house, so,
 the fabric colors look totally different
between the skirt and bag.

I hope you' all have a lovely weekend,
we'll be at the Farmer's Market on Saturday, selling our wares.

Till next time,


Inger said...

I can't sew anything, so I admire your talents. That is a beautiful material and great that you could make something out of it.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Thanks for stopping by Inger.

sawn48 said...

Love your new look.Now who's the talented one. You are incredible with all of your many talents.Good luck at the Farmer's Market.

Stacey said...

Wow, I love the skirt & the bag! The lace looks gorgeous with that fabric, and I absolutely adore the little lace pocket.