Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mouse Quest, So Gross


Please excuse my language.

You know when you have them, there are signs.
I'll skip the graphic descriptions,
it makes me want to,
well, you know.
 Ew, Ew, and again Ew!

I put out the bait last week,
three goners thus far,
Ew again!

Yummy grill stuff!
Today I'm cooking the hubby breakfast taquito's
from the stuff we grilled on Sunday.
Veggies, meats, you know!

Breakfast Taquito's.

Nat6han says, "yum".
And I still smell Ew!

Again, please excuse my language.

Gross, gross!

Since this place is still under construction....
I pulled out every cabinet/drawer I could, looking for said Ew.
Lots of dust and you know what, but no Ew!

Drawers, floors and cabinets are sparkling clean,
even cleaned the oven and fridges.
Not a Ew in sight!

Needless to say,
no sewing/soap-making happened today!

 I did learn how to make my own flavored jello,
stay tuned if your not too grossed out.

Till next time,

1 comment:

Sue from Ky. said...

Knock on wood, but we haven't seen a mouse in the new house.Yet! We use a lot of those sticky traps.Put them everywhere,well everywhere humans do not tread. They are a B to get off your shoe. They are excellent for catching everything from spiders, to any type of bug,mice,and to my dismay, lizards.I hate that my lizards must get stuck and die.I think they are bug catchers,too.