Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY End Table Redo/Staples And Glue

New To Me, And Improved!
Are you still grossed out from yesterday’s post?
Maybe I should hold off on the jello recipe?

Ok then….

I was out with the Daughter and grand-daughter
thrifting a few months back and ran across
this end table.

Not so pretty when I found it!

"The guy" thought it was worth $15.00.
He says, it's a Broyhill, that's good furniture.
I'm looking at the construction, staples and glue.
Good furniture is dovetailed, not staples and glue.

Staples And Glue
But I needed a table.

$15.00 I say, look, it's all scratched up and
the drawer doesn't even open, it looks like
someone glued it shut.
 He beats on the bottom of the drawer
trying to free it up, yanks at the knob a few times till he finally
pulls the knob completely off. Oh look, now you've broken it I say.
I said a lot of other things, just cant remember what.
(He did get the drawer free though).

By this time he's sweating and I'm pretty sure
he wants to get rid of me, so he says,
So, now I'm the proud owner of staples and glue.

Potential Firewood?
I brought it in the house, (hubby just rolls his eyes)
thinking I'll eventually get to it.

Eventually is here, and I got to it!

I sanded the top (broke the sander in the process)
to give the paint something to stick to,
got out my paints and started mixing colors.

Custom Colors

Didn't like the first color on the legs, it was too close to the main body color
so I lightened up the paint a bit and repainted using a dry brush technique.

Much better!!!.

I wanted a third color for the drawer so I added some blue paint
to the darker pink color and got a dirty lavender tone.
Looks good.
The top I painted well, several colors,
didn't like any, so I finally decided to marble it.

Sponge Paint-O-Rama
Final out come?
Not too bad!!!!
Knob got lost en-route,
but I found this medallion in the hubby's stash, (spray painted it)
 had a large holed, pink bead and a small nut and bolt thingy....
Viola, new knob!

I even had time to re-do a chair!

Need to help the grand-daughter with her coffee table re-do.

What say ye?
Yea or nay?

Till next time, happy up-cycling.


Sue from Ky. said...

Great job! Leah would have to have it. She can't stand for me to have anything so pretty.She'd have to have it,and I think those colors would realy suit her to a T.Now let's see the chair.

Stacey said...

This table looks amazing! I love what you've done with it, and good on you for bargaining "the guy" down to $7!

heather said...

Love it