Friday, June 24, 2011

Rural Texas, Is It Disappearing?

I've been playing Taxi to my youngest daughter Ginger.
Her 1995 Honda is on the fritz and since she's on the way to my day job
I've been  transporting  her to and from her employment at Target.


I noticed this scene several days ago and thought it was photo worthy,
just didn't have the time to stop, (I also drop my husband Steve at his job). 
This stretch of highway is mostly farmland but I have noticed,
Seems highway frontage is more valuable than farmland.
Glad I can grow some of my own stuff!!!!

Notice the neighborhood in the background, the movie theater sign?
Soon my ride to work will be nothing but neighborhoods and businesses.

I'm sad!
All I can do is preserve my little 10!

Do you notice subtle changes in your landscape?
Is modern society creeping up on you also?

Till next time,


sawn48 said...

Yes, the same is true in our neighborhood.When we moved here, the road was gravel and land was $495. and acre.Now the road is straighter and paved, and land along this wooded lane, now sells for $2,000.-$3, acre.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hi Sue-
I guess all the old farmers are dying off and the kids and grandkids don't want to work the land.
As a farm it's always kind of iffy but if you sell it for housing or business you can take the money and run.
Sad but true!!!

Leontien said...

sorry to say but yes it is the same here... We farmers getting a little exctinct (hmm wonder if i spelled that right)i think...

Thank you for a great post, makes me think!