Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garden Goodies

The Plum Tree

Hurry Up...Turn Red

Freesia or Lilly?

Peppers and Tomatoes

Pickled Beets and Green Tomatoes

  The computer crashed on Sunday,
just now got it up and running.

We were out in the yard tonight and
I thought I would share the view.

We canned the beets and tomatoes on Sunday,
 unfortunatelywe didn't plant very many 
so we only got two jars canned.
They're  for Steve's Mom and
she will appreciate whatever we give her.
The green tomatoes were a gift from
Steve's workmate Rollo and
he's promised some okra so
I'll pickle that for Steve's Mom also.

The garage sale-ing went well and
 I found a bike for Nathan....
photos to follow (hopefully).

Sorry this post is so terse
but I'm expecting the computer to crash at any moment.
I know, positive thinking.....

Happy first day of summer!!!
 Till next time,
It rained this morning and it's raining tonight. I can hear thunder outside...
I'm gonna check it out.
We're in a drought you know....TEXAS


Lynda said...

Sorry about the computer...but happy about the rain!

brendie said...

if its rain you want you can have ours, it rained alot this last summer too. so far our winter isnt cold though.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hi Lynda-We're way below average here. All that lightning from the storms will be a boost to the plants though!

Yes Brendie send us some rain.
What kind of winters do you get in NZ?
Thanks for having me at the party, it was super fun!!!

sawn48 said...

Glad you finally got rain.We are getting rain here almost daily.Crazy weather. I didn't worry so much though. Today I stayed in most of the day canning and freezing peaches. I got 4 pints of jelly, eight pints of preserves,and 6 quart bags of frozen peaches.After my nap, I cleaned and washed down the carport and worked in a couple of weedy flower beds,then fixed a decent supper, and I am DONE for the day. Good night!

Leontien said...

HMMMMMMM PLUMS! grandma had huge ones in her garden and it would be sooo much fun to go and find and then eat them!

THANK YOU so much for voting for Vanilla Bean! Can't wait to hear to find out if we made it into the next round!


Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Oh my Sue, you have been busy.
You put me to shame!!!

Leontien- you're welcome. Hope you win!!!