Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Morning View Today

Sunrise/ The Sage/Oregano Bed

Sunrise Almost Over The Mesquite Tree


Wild Sunflowers Shading The Herb Bed


These views put a smile on my face
as I was leaving for work this morning.
Made going in a little less......Well you know!
I didn't plant the sunflowers, I think the birds did.
They come up every spring, lots and lots of them!!!
Till next time,


Lynda said...

Really beautiful sunrise...just gorgeous! And your *wild* sunflowers are son is a fieldman for a Sunflower Company...we just love them.

Canyon Girl said...

The sunrise photos are unbelievable. They need to be posted large the next time you capture something that beautiful.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Thanks Lynda, the sunflowers are on the left in the first photo. The're pretty big with thick stems.

Hi Inger, glad you're feeling better. I have dial up so I really can't post large photos, they take forever to load.

sawn48 said...

The flowers you don't plant,are such a nice surprise,if they survive the weed pulling. I've had a few that popped up from heaven knows where, and they were such a delight. The beautiful poppy I shared this Spring was one.It was amazing,but from where it came,I have no clue.And, yes, I did save some seeds for next year.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

We get scads of volunteer sunflowers, courtesy of the birds. Who can say no to a free flower? :)