Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Pitfalls Of Verbal Communication

OH MY!!!

It's not just a potato, patato dilemma.
It involves tone, accent, inflection, body language......
You're saying one thing and the recipient is hearing something completely different.
I've lived in Texas since the late 1970's
 I still  have a definite Midwestern accent and style of speaking.
No amount of ya'lls and fixin have
fooled anyone here as to my origins.
I try to speak this language,
I say the correct words, it's that vocal style I have
that gets me into trouble on occasion.


Steve & Ginger
My girl Ginger helps me with the soap shows, she's a Texan
so I let her do most of the talking.
She's a great little salesperson,
friendly, outgoing and speaks the language correctly.

Today she was helping a lady pick out soaps,
explaining the different scent categories, botanical additions etc....
The lady had several soaps in her hands and Ginger said,
'I can put those up here for you while you choose more".
The lady was good with that but then said, "let me see those".
I said to Ginger, "she doesn't remember what she has".
I've seen it happen time and time again,
they smell so many, pick out some,
and then forget what they chose.

However I said it, my tone my accent,
my body language, I don't know,
pissed her off. She put down the soap,
mumbled something and walked off!

It's never my intent to hurt anyone with my words,
I really think before I put any words to print lest I offend someone.
I would never overtly intend to make anyone feel bad.
What it all boils down to is,


If I have offended anyone with my style of speaking,
 I am truly sorry, and be assured it was not done in malice.

That being said,
how about we all lighten up just a bit and give each other a break!
I'm out here in 96 degrees plus heat trying to sell soap, why would I piss you off on purpose?

Oh well, nothing I can do now,
maybe some Duct Tape across my lips is in order?

We had a great show,
sold lots of soaps etc. so apparently I said a few things correctly!

Round two tomorrow,
where did I put that Duct Tape?

Till next time.


Sue Nugent said...

Maybe the heat was getting to her, too.My sister and I were just talking about this yesterday. The heat can make you say and do things you would never in a hundred years, do otherwise.It's hard, but try to stay cool.

brendie said...

im always saying the wrong thing or having "a tone" cant please everyone i guess. while ive got you, my father in law made a suggestion of shaving soap made in a mug. Ive made glen shaving soap its lasted about 1 year now, time to make some new stuff, a blend of olive oil and coconut oil, im being adventurous and have some lavendar e.o to add to it.
have a good day tomorrow.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

I don't know Sue, I have a definite way with words and style that doesn't sit quite well with these Texans! Yankee smartass I guess. I call it dry wit. I really do try though! They are a strange lot. Even my choice of clothes doesn't fit in....But I am who I am and that's who I am!!! Ha-ha.... Had a great show today!
FYI, It's in the high, high 90's here but we haven't turned on the AC yet, maybe in July...?

Brendie you sound a lot like me, saying the wrong thing. I've been trying really hard to stop and think before I speak. If I were in my home state I would fit right in, but I'm not, I'm in Texas, whole nuther world!! Really...

I've had shaving soap on my radar about 2 year, even bought the PVC for a mold, just haven't got there yet. I did do a Gardener's soap with a cornmeal exfoliant and a Pampered Pooch soap for dogs with flea/tick deterrents. Like you I have so many ideas but alas, so little time...

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Brendie, Lavender is one of my best sellers, you should do well at the market with it...
If you have any more suggestions for product I would appreciate the Intel.