Sunday, September 26, 2010

Virgin Mary

I like to read other blogs just to see what everyone else is doing/thinking.
Fresh eyes, fresh opinions, fresh ideas, I think I know it all but maybe I don't.
If I find a blog I think I might like I scroll through, reading their posts. Then I check out who the're  following. If I like them, then I 'll probably like who they like. Working so far!!

On  a completely different subject
We live some what rural & when I'm out & about I like to travel roads unknown. (I have The Roads of Texas Atlas, I shouldn't probably won't get lost.)     Anyway, this is what I found today!

I think this is The Virgin of Guadalupe. (We have a lot of Hispanic influence here.)
I was raised Catholic & this looks like The Virgin Mary to me! These people are erecting a shrine on their property. It's not finished yet so I will be following their progress. I remember as a kid my Mom having a statue of The Virgin in our yard.
Seeing this brought back some memories.

Hope this touches you, as it did me.


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