Saturday, September 25, 2010


Stick Corral

My grandson Nate stays at our place on the weekends.
He is an avid stick collector, sticks in the toy box, sticks under the bed, sticks at the computer.... We needed a stick corral.

Cores wanting to be something
I work at a label Co., some of the paper arrives on big, round, heavy duty cores. Humm... I can do something with those soon to be in the dumpster cores.

I gathered up those puppies along with that square thingie with the hole in it. (square thingie was a divider in a box of paper) I intended to use those tuna fish cans as feet. (didn't work out) Well, with a little duct tape, a staple gun, glue, some fabric & ribbon & an old floor lamp, I got to work.                     

A little duct tape action

  I duck taped the cores together, varying the heights, stapled the fabric on & started the assembling. (Glued the fabric on the square thingie) The floor lamp acted as the base, next I slid the square thingie down the lamp pole. Now for the cores, I positioned them around the lamp pole then stapled some ribbon around to hold everything together. The floor lamp gave the whole thing stability.


Shelf riser
 The fabric used to be my sofa cushion covers & the lamp was here when we bought the place. The tuna cans got covered with fabric & now hold various things. I've also used this endless supply of cores for shelf risers on my desk. Used wallpaper from the thrift shop to cover them & added  a covered piece of plywood on top. 

Many possibilities for other projects.... These are really heavy duty, thick walled cores. Stacked up they remind me of pillars, if I had a need for a pillar.
I'm thinking..... cheese cloth dipped in plaster of paris applied to the outside, round wooden base screwed on, drawer knobs attached as feet, paint, pretty plate hot glued on top, some candles.... Maybe I have a need for a pillar after all.

Till next time...


Tricha said...

I know you were there in spirit. The service was beautiful. We missed you. I love seeing all the cool thingies you make. Great list of ways to be frugal, I need to check some of those out.

Love ya

sawn61 said...

My grandson uses a lot of sticks in his play, and lately a lot of my kitchen utensils have been showing up all around the house and yard. Poor kid! He doesn't have enough toys.