Thursday, December 20, 2012

"The Not So Excellent Adventure"/Wildfire!

Screaming Tree
That's how I felt yesterday, like screaming!!!
As Mrs. Threadgood would say,
"you just sit back awhile honey and I'll tell you the story".
(Reference from the movie, Fried Green Tomatoes).
The great-grand baby was here, we're minding our own business.
I was sewing, (making her a taggie), she was in the playpen, taking the clothes off my vintage dolls.
Typical babysitting day.
Little did I know of the goings on outside of my little bubble.
The youngest daughter, (Ginger) calls from work.
(All dramatic like).
I'm confused, why wouldn't I be ok?
She goes on.....
"There's wild fires out by you"!
(This child always knows stuff before anyone else).
I didn't hear any sirens, but, the dogs were acting strange.
I go to look out the front door window, yep, I see fire trucks,
I go to the back door window, yep, I see fire trucks.
Yep, the fields just to the side of me are on fire.
Oh crap!
I call my neighbor, her house is in a direct line of that fire.
She's outside watching, assures me that the fire people have it under control.
I'm thinking, and you couldn't have called me???
I'm here with three dogs and a baby... With no vehicle.
The winds were gusting up to 35 mph, not a good day for a fire.
(The wind was blowing away from my house thank goodness).
She, the daughter, has my truck, she's 30 miles away.
She's on her way to get us out.
I'm putting the computer, camera and related gear into the briefcase,
packing up the diaper bag, looking for dog leashes, grabbing the bug out bags,
piling everything at the front door, buckling the baby into her carseat....
I'm in my jammies....
That done....
While I'm waiting for my ride, I'm looking out the front door window.
I can see the road, lots of vehicles exiting out of the area.
Then I see/hear a helicopter. It's circling the fire area.
All very exciting, if you're not in the mix....
She, the daughter, gets here, grabs the baby,
buckles her into the front seat of the truck.
Starts grabbing all the bags.
I'm holding two dogs on leashes who are acting all crazy.
The german shepherd is hiding in the shower.
Once caught, the german shepherd has to be lifted into the truck,
all 85# of her!
She's not wanting to get in,
probably because, the only time she goes for a ride, it's to the vet!
The other two hop right in. Good thing my truck has a back seat.
We bug out.
I'm still in my jammies.... Covered in dog hair.
We take the baby to the other G.G.
Spent the rest of the afternoon at the daughter's house watching a movie,
 hoping the wind wouldn't change directions.
The dogs and I picked up the hubby from work.
I call the neighbor and inquire as to the state of things.
No houses burned, just the field.
The daughter calls me today with a story.
Seems there was a body found, something to do with a meth lab!
(NO spell check, I did not mean math lab).
This child always knows stuff before anyone else.
I'm sure she'll have all the details before the day's end.
I hope you' all are safe.
I think I'll go sew something.
Till next time,
Screaming tree


Nancy Claeys said...

How aweful to have to go through all of that...

but I'm so glad you all are okay.

Lots to be thankful for in your neck of the woods, Terry. xo

Happy Holidays, my friend. So happy you stopped by.

Sue from Ky. said...

Definitely glad you and your family are safe. l feel like screaming here myself lately. Mom's getting a lot worse with the Ahlzimer's.I'm getting something for Christmas to use on my computer at Mom's house. Hopefully I can blog a little from there when I am staying with her.I'm not getting to spend much time at my home lately.Hope your family has a nice Christmas.