Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sketchy Internet and Making Bags


Being unemployed has it's plus side, you get to stay home and create!

I've been working on handmade bags,
 listing my vintage items for my Etsy shop,
giving soap classes, putting together Mother's Day gift pots,
 and generally doing things to generate income.
Oh yeah, looking for a job too!

Here are a few things I've recently completed.

So I'm getting my sewing fix, that's always a good thing.

I spray painted these clay pots, then embellished them with
ribbon, buttons, flowers etc. for Roland's Nursery that carries my soap.
They wanted something different for Mother's Day, so this is what I came up with.
Each pot has a soap, bath tea and a small bath oil.

What do you think?

The internet has been down for weeks, lousy dial up!
I've been forced to go to town for a hot spot just to do basic stuff.
My daughter's told me to get out of the stone age, mom they said,
"there are devices called hot spots, go buy one".

Lets just run through the math, keep in mind I'm unemployed.

$50.00 for the device
$50.00 a month for the service with a 2 year contract,
$10.00 extra per month for data overages.

As not to alter my monthly bills too much
I cancelled my home phone and internet provider.
Almost an even match.
We shall see.
I will say I am enjoying the faster speed.

I miss all you guys and your posts, can't wait to catch up on everyone.

Till next time,


sawn48 said...

Been having computer troubles myself. Hope all is fixed now.Getting lots of work done outside. Doing a little crafting,too. Love your bags and pots. I am tempted to try the flower pot thing, but with hens and chickens. I think they would make a nice gift for Mother's Day,but they would make a nice gift for any occasion.They are very easy to grow.

Stacey said...

I love all those gorgeous bags!

My home internet has been really slowed down at the moment as well. It is totally irritating, because it takes so long to load all of the blogs that I love to read. :(

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Great idea Sue, I love hens & chicks.
Maybe you could take a few down to your local cafe and have them display & sell them for you?
I sell them to Roland's at wholesale price.

Thanks Stacy, that means alot to me. I was trying for the younger demographic with my fabric choices.

Sorry your internet is slow but I was pretty used to it with the dial up. Loving the speed now!

Nancy said...

Miss you too, Terry! I have an old unlimited data plan from Alltel that I will never give up! Lol.

Love the Mom Day pots!