Monday, May 21, 2012

Canning Plum Jam and Making Plum Liquor from "FREE" Plums

I never turn down free food!

The outlaws gave me three sacks, full of red plums Friday,
today I made plum jam, plum liquor and plum cordial.
My plum trees are producing but ther're still young,
the outlaws have a gigantor tree!!!

I did a traditional plum jam recipe "twice" and still had plums
left over. Nineteen jars of jam later I had to get creative.
There's only so much jam a person needs so...
I was "forced" to make other stuff.
Who doesn't enjoy a cordial every once in awhile?
This isn't the first time I've made spirits and I'm sure it wont be the last!

I have a vintage cookbook that covers cordials, brandy, wines, weird pickles,
and all kinds of old school recipes, it's pretty cool!

The old school cookbook had me layering 
sugar and plums (stones too) starting and ending with the sugar. (first jar)
I cut the plums in half just to get more surface area exposed to the sugar.
Six months from now I shall have plum cordial.
Second and third jars are the rum plum.
Second jar is a half gallon, second hand store score!

Plum brandy in my sun tea jar

Googled plum liquor and got this recipe.

Plum Liquor

16 cups plums
4 cups sugar
3 cups dark rum

Wash and quarter plums and place in a mason jar.
Add the rum and sugar, turn once a day to dissolve the sugar.
Filter out the fruit after 15 days and enjoy.

I halved the recipe, had a bit of dark and light rum so I mixed them.

Did a quarter batch with brandy.
The rums and brandy have been sitting around for awhile so what better way to move them out?
I did save the bottles to decant into though.

Old school cookbook!
I love this cookbook, there's even a recipe for watermelon rind, sweet pickles.
Pretty tasty!
Are you getting creative with your canning?
If so please share:-)

Till next time,


sawn48 said...

Everything looks good!I don't use recipes,but I do play around once in a while with making a wine type concoction. Don't think there's much chance of blowing us all up.A little yeast,a little sugar added to my over abundance of blackberry juice is the extent to my experimenting. Sometimes I come up with a pretty tasty batch.

Lynda said...

Awesome! Can't wait to hear how the "spirits" turn out. I think your jam is beautiful..what a lovely color!

Nancy said...

I love plum jam -- or jelly -- no plums here, but I wonder if peaches would work for the liquor?