Monday, October 3, 2011

Jesus H Christ!

Please excuse my language!
Just when I'm thinking things are settling down
 around here all hell breaks loose.

We haven't had any wildfires as of late so I thought,
OK, back to normal....

Ellis County...
Ennis has been all over the news.
Seems a teacher at the high school has TB.
Every student is being tested along with their parents and siblings.
They're even testing last years graduating class.
How scary is that?

Next on the list....
A massive fire broke out in Waxahachie today at a chemical plant
across the street from where my husband Steve works.
My daughter works at Target in Waxahachie,
five miles away from where the fire was. 
Everyone in about a ten mile radius was evacuated.
Fire departments from all over were called in.

Something I thought was interesting...
The water runoff from the fire was contained and collected.
I didn't know such a thing was possible.
Best to be contained and treated rather than be in the creeks and lakes.

the EPA is out there conducting tests.
How safe is it to breathe?
What about the flora and fauna?
Lots of livestock and crops in this area!
I could see the fire from my deck and I live twenty miles away.

Imagine the job loss...

How was your day?


brendie said...

about 8 years ago there was a big fire at a place near where i lived. they sold stuff like engine oils and industrial cleaners etc, we went a couple of blocks away to watch (yeah crazy) next week ive got a rash all over my body, from neck to ankles, drove me insane trying not to scratch, its the only thing different id done, so we think it was from the fumes, dumb dumb dumb. hope your family are ok and didnt sit down wind to watch the "action"

Denimflyz said...

I heard about the plant also yesterday on the radio. What's even scarier is the fact that the EPA IS there and you don't know what they are looking for and won't tell.
I am one block from Union Pacific railroad tracks and the Bailey Yards, we have pretty scary things rolling through on tracks and they never tell you what is rolling through.

sawn48 said...

I don't understand why my comment to your post showed up in my post department.Strange! I hit the Post a Comment on your blog,to make my comment.Go figure!

Miss Peregrin said...

Wow, I hope everyone is ok! Both fires & TB are pretty damn scary.