Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Cow

Steve and I have been wanting to raise our own beef .
Not just any beef either.
Yummy, hormone free, grass fed beef!
Steaks, roasts, ribs, that’s what I’m talking about!

That requires a fence to keep said beef, aka cow in
and the cattle rustlers out.
The fence is about ¼ done.
Seems the most important thing at the time was to
make the property unappealing to would be crooks.

Phase one,
the fence down the driveway with a gate.
If you want in bad enough, you’ll have to go cross country.
We now need to complete phases two through
four to actually keep a cow or two.
Go figure!

Opportunity knocks…
Friend of a friend has cows, hormone free, grass fed.
Brangus? (Brahma, Angus mix)
We are now the proud owners of  ½ a Brangus.
Or were,
it’s now resting quite comfortably in my freezer.
All 156 pounds of it!
(Other ½ split with a friend).

What can I say?
I’ve had a steak or two at the restaurant on special occasions
in my entire adult life, I don’t ever recall purchasing
a steak at the market.
Is that sad or what?

The rundown.
15 ½ lbs-hamburger, 1 pack-brisket, 3 packs-chuck roast, 2 packs-arm roast,
1 pack-pikes peak roast, 1 pack-rump roast,
7 packs-round steak, 3 packs-short ribs,
4 packs-rib eye steaks, 5 packs-t-bone steaks, 7 packs-sirloin steaks,
1 pack-soup bones, aka dog bones.

$381.25 or $2.44 average, per pound.

The Cow!!!!
It's our first time,
did we do good?
Till next time, moo...I mean,


Hope we don't experience any
power outages this winter...


Lynda said...

Good job! We pay the same for our grass-fed's wonderful!

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Thanks Lynda, I thought you would have experience in this. Glad to know we weren't taken advantage of.

Denimflyz said...

Good Purchase.
You would think that where I live in Nebraska, you could find beef, in the middle of beef country like you, but it is very hard to do so.
I was turned to a small processing company about 50 miles from me for good local beef, and that is where I am going next week to get a little bit to tie me over till I can afford to get a 1/2.
I love brisket, and shanks.
Happy eating!

Inger said...

It's difficult for me to eat meat from the store knowing about feedlots and other horrors. Did you read Barbara Kingsolver's book about eating local and homegrown only? I forget the name, but it is very informative and good. If you were to have only one cow, how would you not become too fond of it? I am serious because my husband has thoughts in the same direction. I doubt we'll get to a cow, but chickens seem to be a sure thing.

sawn48 said...

Glad to hear you'll eat well this winter, but it's not a good idea to expound on the subject. Folks are stealing the entire freezer and it's contents around here nowadays.I use to work for a fellow in 1975 that said it would come to that.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey Denimflyz- glad you found a place to get good beef, too bad it's so far away. We're pretty rural out here so I see 100's of cows everyday on my way to work. Mostly angus mix. Wish I could send you some shanks, we have more meat than we really need. I think you posted on cooking them, I'll back check.

Hi Inger-glad you're back online.
I know what you mean about getting attached to the cow, I haven't had to face that yet.
Not sure if I want to either.

I'll check out the book you suggested, sounds interesting.

The omnivore’s dilemma was a real wake-up call for me in respect to the cattle industry.

Hey Sue - Never thought of anyone
stealing my freezer of meat.
I guess if someone stole it to feed their family I could get over it....sort of!
I'm not a thief so the thought of thievery isn't in my mind but being rural now, I've had to consider it more and more. Darn shame too, Steve and I work hard for our money.
In the spring, for 3 months, Steve works 12 hour days, 7 days a week.

If you need food, all you have to do is ask.
I'd be willing to trade work for food. But perhaps some people don't want to work?

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Sounds like you did great to me, Terry. You all will need to eat alot of meat during the week, but I'm sure that won't be a problem. :)

kim andersen said...

Hi Terry,

Many of the family know that I grew up on a 500 acre ranch with 400 head of cattle. Until I reached adulthood, I never tasted a steak that didn't come from our own stock. It was difficult to get used to the taste of meat that didn't come from our ranch. Dad put out salt blocks and molasses block - guess what = you can taste the molasses in the meat. I miss having grass fed beef..especially the 3/4 steers (angus, brahman, and semintol)or baldie (angus and herford) we used raise out in Brenham.

In regard to your did GOOD!!!!!

Love ya