Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thrifty Threads Features Moi!!!


I know I've been lax on the blogging but really,
this laptop is a royal pain.
I know it's not actually the laptops fault,
it only does what I tell it to do.
Apparently I am not giving the right commands, or,
 my fingers are touching what they shouldn't! 
The desktop is at the repair shop getting a makeover,
and I can't wait to get her back!!!!


I sent a photo of myself  in a thrifted outfit to
Angela AKA Thrifty Threads.
Her blog is about non consumerism, recycling and generally being thrifty.
I hope you will click on over to her site and explore a bit, she is really an inspiration.
And as a bonus you'll get to see my thrifted outfit!!!
Ha Ha!!

Till next time,


Lynda said...

I saw the post last night: I love the skirt..looks hand painted for sure!

sawn48 said...

Nice post! (I know what you mean with the laptop. I hate using mine. It is so touchy.)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Very cool -- kudos for the props! I'm headed over there now to check you out. :)

librarianism said...

Your featured thrifted outfit is springy and cute!