Sunday, March 20, 2011

99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall



The song 99 bottles of beer on the wall
 has been floating in and out of my mind for the last few weeks.
Perhaps because the song seems to never end.
And, as I prepare for our upcoming shows, the work seems to never end.
We have five shows scheduled for the spring so I've been a busy bee.

Over the last few months I've made,
113 lip balms
26 body butters
31 bath oils
96 bath teas
300 bars of soap (I think, sometimes I get lost)

I'm probably good on most of the soap till June,
everything else I'll make as needed.
With spring soon to be here for real,
the ladies will be thinking about wearing their sandals,
 and then realize they have sandpaper feet.
Body butter to the rescue, I guarantee!!
I think I have things covered, at least for the moment!

And, as I've been busy as a bee and
thinking of endless bottles of beer, guess what?


I landed another store account!!!

Yeppers, I sure did!
Shabby Sheek Boutique in Texarkana, Texas. (Google them)
This makes three total.
I'm so proud of me....
Slowly but slowly I shall make this venture work and
before I know it,
I'll change my name to Tyler Durden and
 have a whole army of people making soap for me!!!
You  know, the movie Fight Club.
(I choose to believe they were only making soap.)
And who pays $10.00 wholesale for a bar of soap anyway?
Lead me to them!!!
And what I wouldn't give to have that army
working in my herb beds. ( I really don't like pulling weeds!)

So here's to a successful spring!!!

Anyway. I've been offline so to speak, for far too long,
I'm off to see what you' all have been up to.

Till next time,

If you have a ruptured eardrum,
don't go to the emergency room,
find an urgent care facility!
$250.00 versus $100.00
Just thought you would want to know!!!


brendie said...

you have been a busy bee, good on you for getting the extra account. hope you have heaps of sales, lots of lovely dovely soaps and treats.

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Thanks Brendie, I really appreciate that.
I hope your soapmaking adventure is turning out profitable as well.

kim andersen said...

My have been so hard at work!!!! Next we'll be seeing you on Secret Millionaire. You GO Girl!!!!

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Hey Kim - I don't know what Secret Millionaire is but, if I were one, you would know cause I would buy you and Eve a home of your own, no strings attached!
I tried your Curried Chicken recipe - super yummy delicious. Bravo to you!!!

kim andersen said...

Hey Terry,

Secret Millionaire is a new reality program where millionaires hide their identities and go out into the community as volunteers. Under the guise of participating in a documentary about volunteerism, these millionaires work with programs and at the end of the show make monetary contributions. Last week, a secret millionaire gave 10,000 to a childrens learning program; 30,000 to a clean up the city program, and 50,000 to a youth basketball program, and 20,000 to an individual who devotes his entire life to helping others. It's an amazing program!

Thanks so much for your thought of me and Eve. We are so ready to buy our own home, but willing to wait until that's a financially, feasible option. We'll get there, though.

We love you and I'll talk to you soon!

sawn61 said...

Terry, Pop has used most of his bar of Ceylon Spice. He smells so delicious when he is near me. Do you or will you ever offer that scent in a butter. His skin on his forearms is so dry. I'd like to get the same scent to go with his soap,if possible.Take care and don't over do!