Monday, August 16, 2010

Liquor Store & Horses


You know that you live in the sticks when,
This is the mode of transportation to the liquor store!!!
I'm glad I carry cameras, this is priceless.
It's interesting to note that you see visuals everyday & just take them for granted.
Normal stuff for some, maybe not for others.
Hope you get a laugh!


sawn61 said...

I can't say it, but my husband can and does, a lot.He remembers many things that he did back when a horse was his only form of transportation.He is a bit older than I am. I do love hearing him share those tales of his youth.

Lavender Chick said...

ahem... Yeah - I've seen it before. Isn't life in the sticks just grand!

Thanks for stopping by! Going to check out your soap compay now.

heather said...

baw haw. country ass folks

Terry M Scott said...

Lacvender Chick-Thanks for checking out my soap co.

Sawn-We never had horses, but I bet my dad did.

Heather-Well if you enjoy riding I guess the liquor store is a destination at least.

sawn61 said...

Terry, I hear the rubber rings will last through maybe 6 uses.If that is so, they may be worth it. When the rubber rings get damaged, and you need to order more,they are $2.50 a doz. plus s&h.I really would like to have plastic rings instead of the old metal ones that rust so bad.I have a very few. So far,I am pleased with my new reusable lids.