Wednesday, August 11, 2010



This woman walks into a local small town Hotel & lays a $100.00 dollar bill on the counter.
She says, I want to rent a room, here's a deposit, but I want to check out the room first.
She goes upstairs.
The local Hotel keep takes the $100.00 to her local food vendor & pays her bill.
The local food vendor takes the $100.00 to her local farm supplier & pays her bill.
The local farm supplier takes the $100.00 to her local prostitute & pays her bill.
The local prostitute takes the $100.00 to his local Hotel keep & pays his bill.
The woman comes downstairs & says I've changed my mind, I won't be staying here.
The local Hotel keep gives her back the $100.00

Moral of the story?
Keep the money circulating!!!
It will come back to you!!!!!
Not intended to offend anyone.

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