Saturday, February 16, 2013

DIY Craft Show Banner

Time is being spent preparing for the up-coming shows.
Making soap, sewing, all the things that come with running my own business.
This is the latest....
I needed a more detailed banner and
funds being what they are, I decided to make my own.
craft show banner
 Found the letter templates at
I bonded the letters to my fabric panel with wonder under
and then stitched them down as an added precaution.
I outlined the panel with bias binding and
added loops on the corners and in the center top and bottom.
The fabric panel was what I had left over from making my kitchen curtains.
The fabric flowers were free from my local thrift store.
The whole project was constructed with things I already had on hand.
 It was a bit time consuming but, worth the effort.

What great projects are you into?

Till next time,


Amber Mann said...

This looks fantastic! I love it. :)

Angela O'Mahony said...

Great Job on that banner!!