Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The "New", Used Sewing Machine

Dallas Farmer's Market
I was looking for a used sewing machine on Craig's list
the other day and found one for $29.00.
A singer touch and sew, circa early 1970's.
Not a bad price for a machine in a cabinet, plus the matching chair.
The only problem?
It's location was in Dallas, about an hour away.
I might not even want it...
Maybe it wouldn't sew properly...
Maybe it would need work...
Maybe this was one of those Craig's list scams...
You can let the maybes deter you or just go do it!
So, off we went to give it a test drive.
It was a fine machine with bells and whistles,
 plus a few extras thrown in for good measure.
We tarped and tied her into the back of the pickup
and headed over to the Dallas farmer's market.
~Couldn't waste the fuel doing just one thing!~
Well, I have some sewing to do and soap to cut...
Hope you have an excellent day!
Till next time,


denimflyz said...

Excellent buy. Looks good to me.
I found within a week of each other, 2 Kenmore 148's that run great for $7 each. Now I just need to get some quilting rulers so I can start doing some quilting.
Hope you found some goodies at the farmers market.
I have been able to access the blogs with D's laptop.
Take care

Terry Mann said...

Sounds like you made some excellent finds!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a great deal and it looks nice too.

Happy sewing and enjoy your soap.


Angela O'Mahony said...

That looks great! Good job on your find.

~Angela O'