Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh Yeah, I Forgot!!!

Oh well....

I forgot that... puppy + food = poop!
I forgot that... puppy + water = pee!

When the big dogs go out to do their business the little dog follows.
She sees what the other two are doing and does her business too.
She just has to do it more often!
Now if she could just get the hang of letting me
know when she needs to go out we would be set.


I spent the greater part of yesterday steam cleaning rugs and mopping floors.
Thank goodness we haven't put carpeting down yet.
After I cleaned the rugs, I rolled them up and put them on the deck.
Maybe by spring Fluffy will have the hang of things and I can bring them back in!

A little ammonia, mixed with orange essential oil in the mop pail had the place
clean and smelling great  in no time.

I need to go finish making soap,
Till next time,
I'll be watching where I step.


sawn48 said...

I take Lily out around daylight and then closer to bedtime(for the #2 trips).It takes her, what seems like forever, to do her business(#2),but when I see her do it, I call her in for a wonderful tasty treat. Something she dearly loves(not dog food,but just a tiny smidgen).After doing this often, she gladly runs in for her treat.She goes out more often to pee.I still treat her for that, too.Usually a small dog biscuit and a verbal praise.It takes a lot of time to train them, but overall, I guess it's worth it.No more stinky messes to clean up.

Inger said...

We've just been going through this with Samson. It took him a long while, but it was our fault too. A long walk every morning seems to do the trick now.

Magnolia said...

When did you get a new puppy? Fluffy sure is cute!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

It must be so difficult if you work during the day -- I'm sure Fluffy will catch on sooner than later. :)

librarianism said...

Hey Terry! I hope you have been doing well!! We had the delicious toffee cookies last weekend. They were possibly the best cookies I have ever had.
Have you ever posted your leftover-cereal granola recipe? I would love to have it if you have time one day!