Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Indian In The Cupboard?

 Cupboard? Magic cabinet? Jukebox?
When I received this Christmas gift my mind went imideately to
The Indian In The Cupboard.
For those of you who don't know the story,
a young boy receives a magical cabinet for his birthday.  
A magical cabinet that transforms plastic people into
real, living, mini-sized people!
It's a  great movie that Nathan and I have enjoyed many times,
a kind of coming of age story.

Great cabinet/cupboard, I absolutely love it!
Is the front design a beetle?
Each section of the beetle(?) is divided with bent twigs.
What is the design on the top of the door?
So many questions.


What to use it for?
Tarot card collection?
Bathroom items?
Spices & herbs?
What is it's purpose?

31" tall X 15" wide X 6 3/4" deep
Cubbies are approximately 7" X 7"

The inside is unadorned,
 maybe adding postcard type photos/pictures to each cubby back
and maybe some sort of picture to the inside of the door?
Need to know what it's purpose is before adding anything though!

Also received,
one of The Hunger Games books, by Suzanne Collins,
I am so looking forward to reading this!
I've heard great things about this series.

Need your help on the cabinet!

Till next time,


denimflyz said...

A beautiful jelly/jam/herb and spice collection in beautiful glass jars of every size and color.
Merry Christmas!
Stained glass for the backs? Mosaic?

sawn48 said...

I'm a little behind on computering these days. I like the new layout of your blog.My brain is working a bit slower right now from the rat race of the holidays. No ideas on the cupboard, but I'm sure you will arise to the occasion on your own. You always do.Hope you are having a peaceful and happy holiday season.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I wonder if it was originally designed to hold LPs? I'd likely redo it in a different color scheme and use it for stashing my yarns and knitting projects! :)

Tami / Maddie Lumpkin said...

Kinda looks like it's been painted to resemble a juke box. Not sure what it was used for,but sure you will come up with a great idea.Would make a cool dollhouse!Whatever it is,it's really neat!